Boosting the Economy

Boosting the Economy

In May 2012, ECONorthwest completed an analysis of the economic impact the Morrow Pacific project will have on the eleven-county region in northern Oregon and southwestern Washington.

The study shows that the $242-million capital investment in the Morrow Pacific project will have an economic impact of almost $400 million, and the impact of ongoing operations after full build-out is more than $300 million per year.

The analysis also shows that the Morrow Pacific project will create more than 2,100 construction jobs and more than 1,000 operations jobs.


Job creation was measured in three categories: jobs of workers employed by the Morrow Pacific project (direct), jobs created at companies doing business with the Morrow Pacific project (indirect), and jobs in other sectors created by the infusion of new wages in the economy (induced).

Economic benefits from construction and operations were measured in two phases. Phase 1 represents the initial start-up and export of 3.5 million metric tons of coal per year; Phase 2 represents full build-out and export of 8 million metric tons of coal per year.

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