People in Columbia and Morrow Counties share in their own words why they support the Morrow Pacific project.

Cindy Marshall, Gunderson Marine

Cindy Marshall is a local worker at Gunderson Marine, LLC, in Portland, Oregon. Cindy supports the project because of the jobs and economic opportunity it will bring and urges you to join the thousands of Oregonians in support. “Let’s welcome the Morrow Pacific project.”

Mayor Diane Pohl, Clatskanie

Diane Pohl, Mayor of Clatskanie, Oregon, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Morrow Pacific project. “I support the Morrow Pacific project because I found through research that it is economically sound, it is environmentally sound, and that it would be a great benefit to our area.”

Paul Langner, Teevin Bros., Rainier

Paul Langner is Teevin Bros.’ Waterfront Facilities Manager in Rainier, Oregon, and he supports the Morrow Pacific project because of the great economic opportunities the project will bring. “The Morrow Pacific project will bring new jobs along the river and new opportunities to Columbia County. It will help revitalize this community so our kids can stay and raise their families here.”